A/B Testing Possibility

When you create the campaigns for retargeting, you will be able to test different popups and see which one is the best option for you. This means that you will get to see how different people react with your popups and are they result in success.

Campaigns for Multi-Paged Popups

Sometimes, it is not recommended to put all the pieces of information on one popup. Instead, you should use Multi-Page overlays that will increase the possibility for conversion. This means that the first popup should catch the attention and then new pages should appear to keep the visitor focused.

Preload Content

Different popups for different targets are created by gathering information about the visitor and then creating content for them. With the content preloading option, you will get the ability to load popups in the background, without the visitor being interrupted.

Convify Content Delivery Network

Convify uses a Content Delivery Network in order to be available for all users around the world. In other words, CDN stands for high level of availability and the ability to store content in several servers.

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