Popup Redirection

There are visitors who are about to abandon your website, but you can fix that by redirecting them to the best conversion pages that you have to offer. This is done in order to improve the general quality of the website and its score.

Popups for Better List-building

Convify can help you with building your email list by using methods of persuasion and getting the personal information from the visitors. They will get the information such as email address, name and any other type of data needed for better lists and better operation of the website.

Popups on Several Pages

Sometimes it is better to divide your popup on several different pages and not put all the pieces of information on a single popup. Visitors who clicked on the popup will remain interested in your offer if several other popups rise with different input fields.

Make Popups Responsive

Visitors who use smartphones or similar devices, such as tablets, will more likely stay on your website if you include campaigns that create responsive popups. Convify can help you in their creation and increase the numbers on you website.

Popups for Social Media

You can create separate popups that will appear for people who have reached your website through social media. For example, if someone entered the website from Facebook, you can create a popup that will appear only for the Facebook visitors.

Popups for Ecommerce

Yet another brilliant popup option that Convify offers includes customizing popups for Ecommerce. This means that you can create a popup that will appear to the visitors according to the content in their cart.

Customize Popups Completely

With the editor that Convify offers, you will be able to completely customize popups in no time. The editor is WYSIWYG and if you have knowledge in JavaScript, HTML or CSS, you can even access the advanced editing options.

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