Harnessing the Power of Exit Intent Popups

Coming out of nowhere, a blinking grey box appears on a webpage and is preventing you from leaving a website you just viewed. You look at the box and something in its content makes you think twice about clicking on the “X” button of your browser tab. The box is called an exit intent popup. While not all exit intent popups, or simply exit popups, make people stay on a website, when created and utilized correctly, these popups can greatly contribute to the success of a marketing campaign. Popups come with the pattern interrupt technology which predicts when someone is about to abandon a website and stop them from doing so.
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When you provide food for thought or an interesting offer through popups, despite the abundance of exit popups people see every day, you can catch people’s attention and reel them in to know more about what you have to say. Knowing how you can execute the exit intent technology effectively with the help of some exit popup software allows you to improve not only the visitors’ on-site experience but also increase your website conversions. It is a win-win situation!

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Companies can gather an additional 2, 689 leads in only two weeks with the help of exit intent popups and exit intent technology, and you can do the same by harnessing the power of exit popups and learning about different types of popup as well. A popup can either delight or piss off visitors, and learning how to create a delightful one is a matter of following 15 valuable tips. On top of that, you will know the tools and exit popup software to help you create and employ popups to increase conversions.

Types of Popup You Can Use

Exit popup is one thing, but there are other popups available for you to use. These different types of popup allow you to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Exit Intent Popup

Exit intent popups in general do not trap a visitor, but as a visitor’s on-site behaviour and mouse movement can be monitored, thanks to exit intent technology, these popups are useful when providing an irresistible offer to persuade a visitor to stay. A company can have 25,000 unique visitors monthly just by using the popup created from some exit popup software. The exit popup can be used with another advertising effort, however. For instance, a visitor has stumbled upon your website because they click on your paid campaign, and what the exit popup does is reel the visitor in with a promise, such as a quote for a service or a discount coupon. Again, it is a win-win situation!

Redirect to Offer exit popup

Lightbox Popup

The popup is a box you see after everything you are viewing or reading on a webpage is blacked out. The light box popup is the most common popup you will encounter, and it forces a visitor to interact, whether by closing it out or clicking on it to know more. You can use a lightbox popup with the help of an effective exit popup software program which uses the exit intent technology. The popup is useful in gathering information or showing an advertisement for a few seconds.

Slide-In Popup

Also called a welcome mat popup, the box appears the instant a visitor lands on a website or landing page. To evade the popup, the visitor only needs to keep scrolling, but if the popup has interesting content it can divert the visitor’s attention. People visit a website because they are interested in its content, and if you add an irresistible offer you will get them to actively participate.

Social Content Lockers

A social content locker may as well be considered a popup because it interrupts a pattern to make a visitor participate. There are websites which content are deemed valuable, and for a visitor to be able to read an entire content or post, they have to sign up, share a link, like a Facebook page, or pay. While there is a possibility that a visitor will just move on to another website, they may opt to stay if the website offers persuasive content.

Recommendation, Survey, and Live Chat

The popup usually materialises at the bottom right panel of a website and remains unobtrusive. A visitor who has been on a website long enough will see the popup containing either a short list of questions or a website recommendation. Using some exit popup software, you can create a popup that functions as a live chat tool.

Hello Bar

Although technically not a popup, a hello bar is worthy of inclusion as it overlays a webpage and points to the top of the screen to elicit a response. A hello bar, just like other popups, is used to get a visitor’s email or to direct someone to a landing page. It can also provide an offer or incentive in exchange for information or participation.

15 Tips to Maximize the Use of Your Exit Intent Popup

An exit popup is only useful when it generates conversions. The tips give you a better understanding of using the popup to your advantage.

Blog Post-Specific Popups

Many people consider blog posts as a reliable source of information, especially when written by a credible author or from a known website. As there are topics that are broad in scope, a blog post can include a popup with a call to action (CTA), such as downloading a PDF file so a visitor can get more information related to the post they have just read. The file can contain supplementary information or a step-by-step checklist.

Pointing to the Right Direction

When researching a topic, either for work or personal use, people can experience information overload and fatigue. When someone is already tired researching a topic, all they want is to get to the main point of an article. An average popup may have something to offer but the information it contains can be confusing and tedious to read. A popup with arrows is exactly the opposite as the arrows created tastefully using some exit popup software clearly point to the intent of the popup.Case Study exit popup

Coupons to Encourage Purchase

Price is a major reason people do not complete their purchase online, and ecommerce sites attempt to encourage customers to check their cart out by showing an exit popup with a discount coupon or free shipping offer. The offer can pop out just when a customer is about to cancel the purchase or leave the website. The exit intent technology makes it possible to show a popup at the right time.Redirect with Timer exit popup

With exit intent technology, you can create online coupons that have a one-time offer or those which expire after a certain period of time, and then allow customers to claim them by subscribing to your newsletter.

The F Pattern

The pattern has more to do with the placement of content in a popup than anything else. When a visitor reads a webpage, they follow an F-shaped pattern. Imagine your visitor creating an F pattern with their eyes when reading your website content. The reading pattern gives you a clue on where to place more content and a CTA button when creating your exit popup with the help of some exit popup software.

Learn From Jerks to Elicit A “Yes” Response

A popup with a yes or no option usually includes a subtext which either builds momentum or discourages a particular response. When adding words to the no option, you can try being a jerk so people will choose “Yes” instead. A phrase such as “I am too lazy to try” is one example, and as negative as the phrase may seem, it is quite effective. The best companies have increased conversions by 30 to 40 percent employing the strategy through exit intent technology.

Create a Sense of Urgency but Do Not Exaggerate

You have probably grown tired of websites with limited-time offers, only to find out that the offers are still available even after they have supposedly expired. As a result, it makes you doubtful of limited-time offers in general. However, creating a sense of urgency to persuade people to participate can still be effective, but only if you do it honestly and tastefully. One example is using an exit popup that has a countdown timer, which has been created in an exit popup software program. The popup has a subtext that politely gives a reminder as opposed to overemphasizing its limited time value. Countdown timers are easy to make because of apps which focus on exit intent technology.

Avoid the Infomercial Sales Strategy Trap

Truth be told, infomercials such as that of Bill Mays do have a certain appeal. It is hard to resist a product which price has been cut in half and includes free accessories or other items. However, the strategy may have tremendously help the infomercials turn many viewers into buyers, but it does not mean you have to use it. An exit popup software program allows you to know how to effectively leverage the exit intent technology.

Cart Item Reminder

A visitor shopping for items on your ecommerce site can be distracted by other things on your website and completely forgets to proceed to check out. You can keep this from happening by showing a popup notification every time someone has added a new item in their cart or intends to leave their cart and the website. Creating the popups is easier because of the exit intent technology available in an exit popup software. An exit popup with a discount offer has encouraged many customers to complete a purchase.

When Using Exit-Intent Popup Is Not Advisable

Even the most effective exit-intent popups cannot entice someone who, upon visiting your website, has quickly lost interest and is itching to leave despite having stayed for only a few seconds. You should gauge how much time it takes for a visitor to understand the gist of your webpage content using exit popup software, so if your basis is one minute and a visitor is about to leave after only 50 seconds, you may want to hold off showing a popup and instead reserve it for those who will stay longer.

Leveraging Social Media

You can turn passive visitors into social media followers by adding an exit intent popup which allows them to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page. Setting up this type of popup with some exit popup software helps you grow your social media influence while giving visitors a way to stay updated with your website activities.

Knowing Why People Leave Your Website

Setting up an exit-intent popup to know why a visitor is leaving your website may not increase conversions but it does give you information on how to make people stay. New visitors make great respondents. Keep the popup going only for a certain period of time or else you will be viewed as needy.

Limited Offers

When launching a product or service, you can place a popup on a page which mentions the launch. Your popup should have a limited offer to make visitors think twice. Examples of launch-centric scarcity include offering a discounted price only for a certain period of time or a free online seminar to the first 100 people who register on your website.

Suggest Related Blog Post

The time spent staying on a website and the amount of scrolling activities by a visitor should be considered before using the popup contains a blog post suggestion. The popup must appear only when a visitor has already read your post, which you can gauge by monitoring mouse movement and predicting visitor behaviour using some exit popup software. Then, when the visitor has already read the page the popup had suggested and is ready to leave, show another popup. Keep building up momentum until the visitor is interested enough to accept an offer for a relevant e-book or e-course. This is all possible through the exit intent technology.

Fullscreen exit popup

Two-Step Popup Strategy

The first popup with a CTA can be viewed as too pushy by visitors. To solve the problem, employ a two-step popup strategy using the exit intent technology; the first popup only catches the interest of a visitor and leads them to the second popup that contains the CTA or final pitch. This way, you build up momentum that propels a visitor through conversion. The strategy is based on the Zeigarnik Effect which states that someone who has initiated something is more likely to finish it.

Get Specific

Using generic language and vague promises can render a popup useless, so instead of saying that a certain e-book can help someone increase work productivity, you can a give specific goal which states a result and expected time frame. Also, a popup which has the main benefit in its headline and is showing bullet points for specific benefits will get more attention from visitors.

Benefits of Using Exit Intent Popups

Now that you know how to use the popups effectively, you can get started on making one. If you already have a popup tool or exit popup software, understanding its behaviour or timed-specific features in connection with exit intent technology allows you to use it properly. The tools available for making exit intent popups can provide you with templates for popups, including overlays. You can find tools which chief focus is exit popup and exit intent technology.

Exit popups and exit intent technology can increase the number of people signing up for a newsletter, confirm purchase of items in an online shopping cart, advertise limited-offer deals, and direct visitors to related webpages. Another benefit of using popups is maintaining low bounce rates all throughout your online funnel, which include visitors coming from paid traffic.

An exit popup software program can include an offer for a free trial or a money back guarantee. This way, you can leverage the exit intent technology on your website for free before making a purchase decision. Experiment with different conversion tools to know which of them are effective in increasing conversions.

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