Grow Email List|6 Ways to Use Latest Email Popups Technology

The person who invented popups is a genius because they laid the ground to the whole new aspect of digital marketing that is constantly developing and updating.

We all remember the time when popups were just ordinary new Internet Explorer windows with glittering colors and huge fonts of unreal promises. However, the popups became more sophisticated with time and, surprisingly, they still work.

One type of popups that we should focus on are exit-popups, the ones that appear when you are about to leave a website. They can be pretty annoying as well, but not if you follow the tips and tricks presented in this article.

What is the secret behind not enraging the visitors by exit popups?

When you surf the web and stumble upon a popup, what is your natural reaction? Unless you are really interested in the product, you will try to find a way to shut down the popup and completely exit the website you were on.

The previous paragraph puts you in the place of the visitor and in order to make it not annoying and successfully grow your email list, you need to see what the thing that would make you interested in the offer is.

Your visitors need an escape route

So, the natural reaction would be to look for the close button, right? However, what if you give your visitors a slightly different closing button – one which will close the popup for the next period of time indicated in the bottom.

Now, you have them in a perplexity of a sort. If they close it for a longer period, they might miss that one time offer that is suggested by the popup. This way, they will reconsider closing and your popup will successfully convert them to a lead.

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Email Popups should worship the intelligence of the visitor

On our road of walking a digital mile in a shoe of an average visitor, we come across something called – insulting the intelligence. Have you ever seen a popup that offers an exit button on which something like this is written “I don’t want a free eBook. I prefer not to learn new things”.

It makes us filled with anger and it makes no sense to put such things in close buttons. This is called Negative CTA and, according to some marketers, it is supposed to work – but it doesn’t. On the contrary, it creates a negative reaction and leads to lower conversion.

In other words, if you want to grow your email list, you should avoid such practices because no reader wants to be insulted. Some people in digital marketing consider this negative CTA a joke that should not be taken seriously. For example “I like having no subscribers and I do not want the offer” may seem as a witty remark, but not all of the visitors will feel such way about it.

The most appropriate exit for the offer should only contain a simple “I do not want the offer” or “No, thank you” as an appropriate text within the button.

Make your exit popup visitor’s good friend

You, as a visitor, often view popups as enemies that distract you on your popup-free browsing. Therefore, you should consider, as a marketer, to create a popup that will tell a completely different message and adopt a friendlier approach.

For example, a message can say the following –“We are just reminding you of our latest offer, in case you change your mind”. It is simple, direct and shows the visitor that you have an honest intention with their email.

If they reconsider, great! You’ve successfully made another conversion. If they still think that the offer is not good enough and choose to ignore it – well, they will not see it for another period of time (unless your cookies are disabled).

Give them information that will educate them and entertain them

Human hunger for knowledge is infinite, even if it means reading one sentence and learning something for it. If you manage to say something interesting, important and educational in one sentence, it is the sentence that should be put on your exit popup.

Sometimes, popups should not be persuasive and openly show the need for conversion. Instead, they should show you how to do something and tell you what you want to know.

One typical example would involve an informative sentence and a CTA sentence. For example –“Did you know that popups can be your best friend in marketing strategy, if they are used correctly? Do you want to find out more about strategies for exit popups? Sign up for our newsletter below.”

Make offers which are related to each page

If you have blog writing about a particular aspect of your business and sales, you can try and make a popup which will give special offers only in that aspect. This means that people reading your blog post will only see that popup on that particular page.

Try to be creative and come up with as much different popups as you can.

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Work on a strategy for email popup

Everything in digital marketing (and in marketing in general, for that matter) requires a thorough strategy. Popup strategy is no different and requires you to thoroughly plan user experience as well as carefully inspect your target audience.

You need to take into account different steps made by users. For example, what page will follow once the visitor chooses to sign up? How much time will pass after the user closes the popup before it reappears? Is it going to be the same popup as before?

These were just some basic questions that require answer before you proceed to realization of your popup marketing strategy.

Popups may be annoying and boring if they are not used correctly and if they are generic – but always try to come up with new ways with which you will make better conversion and grow email list.

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