Get More Subscribers – 8 Interesting and Unique AB Tests That You Can Run On Popups

Creating a popup and leaving it be is a wrong way to approach it and you cannot hope to get more subscribers. In order to see what is the best that you can get out of a single popup is to run as many tests as you can on them and see what actually works the best. Websites such as are very flexible when it comes to testing.

Popups can be changed a lot, and you can test everything that there is about it. Different colors, offers, descriptions, images, etc. can be tested. However, what we do not notice is that even the slightest change in a detail can give great results.

In other words, in order to make your CTA irresistible, countless numbers of testing need to be done. After all CTA (call-to-action) is what matters and what makes your audience amazed and interested in you. If you manage to artfully craft it and put every atom of your creativity into it, you are certainly going to get more subscribers.

But what are the aspects of your CTA that you need to A/B test? Well, this article will give you 7 popular ones that really made the difference and which people confirmed as the most efficient way to get more subscribers.

1. Different Color of the Button

The Call-to-Action button is the one located on your popup which will make the visitor join or subscribe to you. This is the most important button in the popup and in order to make it effective, you need to make it stand out somehow.

Therefore, you can try and choose different colors and shades of colors on a button and make an A/B testing to see which one works the best for you. Simply, the psychology of color states that whenever something stands out from the environment, it will be the first thing that people notice.

2. Make it urgent

One of the oldest ways to make conversion rate better is to add urgency to it. Do you remember those TV sales “If you call now, you will get an extra discount” type of urgency? Well this is exactly the same.

You can add stuff such as expiration date of the offer, reserved spots for the special offer or the famous “Get Instant Access” type of offer. Try to think of your own and test it to see which works the best.

3. Make your numbers big

In order to persuade the visitor to give you your email address, you need to have some kind of social proof and there is no better way to express your social proof on the internet but with numbers.

Saying that more than 245,000 people already gave you their email address provides some kind of guarantee that you will not lose their trust or use their email for illegal activities.

You can test different numbers for your different achievements and see which one attracts most attention.

4. Change Point of View

Speaking in the first person and in the second person can sometimes really make a difference. The research has shown that when speaking in first person, people react more.

For example, if you have a button that says “Give your e-mail” and a button that says “Give my e-mail”, there is a slightly better chance that the latter will perform better. It is up to you to test different parts of text to which the point of view can be changed.

5. Adjust the length

Although it seems irrelevant, length is actually very important factor for your popup and your CTA. One thing is certain – it should not be too long because visitors lose patience in a matter of milliseconds.

For example, the standard CTA text is either “Get Instant Access” or “Create Account”. Only sometimes can it be longer and be more effective. For example – “Join and get a FREE eBook”. Marketers follow “the shorter the better” belief, but it may not always be the case.

You need to make it short, but how short – test it and find out.

6. Build trust within the popup

Trust builders are simply pieces of text that assure the potential subscriber that they can trust you. Lines such as “100% privacy guaranteed” or “We will never send spam or reveal your information” are of utmost importance when it comes to trust and they sometimes should be included in a popup.

You can test different trust builders and see which one works the best for you. Of course, they are not a necessary part of every popup and can be removed if they worsen the conversion.

7. Change the color of the text

Changing the text color can be very effective sometimes, especially if you focus on changing the text color of the CAT button. In fact, it is even better to test out just changing the text color as it can give better results.

Make sure that you give the right message with the color of your text. People perceive color with certain emotions. For example, yellow will always give a message of optimism, while blue will get the trust and reliability.

8. Move your buttons

Finally, do not keep the CTA button always in the same place because people will find it more amusing when it is shifted. Our brains need only to see the button in the same place for a couple of times in order to start ignoring it.

However, if you change the position of the button, there will be the basic confusion with the hemispheres, causing the button to be noticed by the visitor.

To sum up, these simple yet powerful details is what makes the popup marketing so effective and A/B testing so useful. If you did not know about them and you plan to include email subscription popups into your marketing strategy, then you should go and test them immediately and see if something changed.

A/B testing sounds like a really difficult thing to do, but it is made easy with the tools offered by Convify – as long as you know what to test, you will have your sales graph streaming upwards faster than ever.

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